Men's Ministry


The great King David of old when preparing to leave this earth said to his son, “Be strong and show

thyself a man”


What a need there is in this hour for strong, Godly men! Oh how we need men of character that will rise

to the occasion and be Godly husbands, fathers, and pillars in their respective congregations; men who

will fulfill their roles and not shirk their God-given responsibilities.


The Men’s Ministry of the SCR is here to strengthen the hands of the pastors in our area and provide

times of fellowship and spiritual uplift throughout the year at the annual Men’s Conference, as well as

other meetings. It is the desire and prayer of Brother Rowley and the men’s committee that the love of

truth and holiness will be passed from fathers to their children and that young men will be challenged

and inspired to change their world!

Men's Ministry Director

Rev. Ted Strain